Tatuaje Whiskey Tasting Glasses are sold in pairs of two (2)

The finest glass, made for the finest spirits. Created by the same renowned German glassmakers that produce the Teku glass. These tasters are tested by top sommeliers, and were designed for a superior sensory experience. A standard sized portion reaches the widest part of the bowl, allowing for swirling and maximum aroma release, highlighting the depth and nuances of flavor. The tall, tapered sides then concentrate those aromas, while the flared lip brings them to your nose and delivers each sip to the proper area of your palette. The tall, solid base sits comfortably in hand to complete the experience.

Glass Capacity: 7.1 oz. brimful

Glassware capacities are approximate and should not be used as a standard of measure.
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Tatuaje Whiskey Tasting Glass Pair

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